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+818-369-7089 2948 1/2 Honolulu Ave., La Crescenta-Montrose, Ca. 91214

Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Find an Intensive Outpatient Program You Can Trust

An intensive outpatient program, or IOP, is an alternative means of receiving highly focused addiction treatment while still maintaining commitments to family, home, work and/or school.

Intensive Outpatient in La Crescenta

Aim 4 Recovery is a Substance Use Disorder, Intensive Outpatient Program
(IOP) that is located right here in beautiful La Crescenta-Montrose,
California. Our Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program allows our Clients to
live at home with a positive support system set in place to help our Clients
achieve long-term recovery, while still being able to live at home and go to
work and/or school. Our IOP includes group therapy sessions 3 times per
week, and each session is at least 3 hours long. Aim 4 Recovery has
afternoon and evening sessions designed to fit our Clients’ schedules.

Many intensive outpatient program participants continue to manage their careers, family matters and education while undergoing residential-quality programs on an outpatient basis. Our La Crescenta program is designed to accommodate outside obligations, treatment in an IOP involves several days per week of structured rehabilitation and therapies.


Types of Therapy in an Intensive Outpatient Program

We have an adult IOP program, and a seperate adolescent program, that meets
on opposite days from the adult program. Our IOP Program will meet to
undergo a host of treatment activities that includes, but is not limited to:

  • Process Groups
  • Multi-Family Groups
  • Psycho-Education Groups
  • Anger Management
  • 12-Step Groups/panels
  • Life Skills Groups

Group therapy plays a large role in IOP treatment for addiction. These groups are usually kept to a maximum of ten participants, so each can have a voice, feel safe and form peer bonds within the group. A variety of subjects are explored within this secure group setting, such as:

  • Post-acute withdrawal syndrome
  • Prevention of relapse
  • Management of cravings, triggers and urges
  • Understanding addiction
  • 12-step program exploration
  • Co-occurring disorders
  • Family matters
  • Socialization in sobriety
  • Other subjects of importance to the group

The goals of each group are different, however each group is designed to enhance self-knowledge and insight, as well as to help develop healthy
communication skills, empathy, and self-awareness.

Our IOP Program Commitment

Our program ranges from new and innovative treatments, to holistic and experimental treatment (such as Yoga, etc.), as well as evidenced-based practices, 12-step based treatment, etc. Our compassionate, highly trained staff members are equipped to help our clients overcome barriers to recovery and develop strong therapeutic relationships while providing our Clients with a safe, nurturing facility, to discover their strengths and their full potential.

Comprehensive IOP Therapy Assessments

Our program begins with a comprehensive bio-psycho-social assessment
completed by our clinical staff. This assessment allows us to not only gain a
deeper understanding of the specific needs of our Client, but also supports
our team in developing a more comprehensive and individualized treatment

Group and Individual Counseling

Group and individual counseling are the true foundations of all treatment
programs. However, we have created a treatment curriculum that is
innovative, dynamic, and provides each Client and their family the
opportunity to explore and experience a wide range of group topics and

Process Groups

Process groups are conducted in an environment in which our clients can
feel safe and supported to discover, uncover, and work through the
underlying causes of their addiction with the help and support of their primary
counselors. The intention of these groups is to help our Clients let go of their
past, overcome their fears, and to develop authentic communication skills.

CBT Groups

Clients participate in cognitive behavioral therapy, in a group setting. CBT
groups are evidenced based and have been proven to be effective in
substance abuse treatment. Aim 4 Recovery is there to assist our Clients in
understanding the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as
well as, gain insight into various techniques and interventions that will help to
promote change and growth.

Psychiatric and Medical Referrals/Outside Referrals

Although, Aim 4 Recovery is NOT a medical facility, our Clients may
sometimes have a need for psychiatric support to address new and/or
ongoing psychiatric issues, medication management, and/or access to
additional psychiatric care. Our treatment team is here to ensure that each
Client receives the psychiatric support needed at the very start of their
program and throughout their treatment. Proper guidance and/or referrals will
be given, as needed.

Family Program

We believe that family inclusion and support, throughout treatment is critical
to each of our Client’s treatment. Although, many other treatment programs
will refuse to work with the family, here at Aim 4 Recovery, we view this
much more differently than most other programs!

Here, we feel that the family/spouse is a vital part in helping our Clients in
achieving long term recovery! We take pride in working with the family and is
our strong suit! This is a time that can be arranged by families with the
primary counselor. In this time, families can expect to get an update on the
overall progress in treatment, and to have a platform to ask questions, and
give and receive feedback and support.

Exercise and Nutrition

Our goal is to improve healthy body image, lifestyle, weight management,
and overall wellness using proven, science-based methods. Our Group
Personal Training (GPT) programs will meet numerous times throughout the
treatment to help Client develop a solid exercise and nutrition plan. We
request that participants attend at least 3 GPT sessions throughout the
program. We also provide numerous group presentations on topics including
(but not limited to) nutrition, hormonal balancing, training methodologies,
injury prevention

Holistic Addiciton Treatments

Holistic addiction treatment is an approach based upon the knowledge that
sustained recovery can only occur when a person’s physical, emotional,
mental and spiritual health are addressed. Aim 4 Recovery includes various
holistic approaches that our Clients can choose from. Some of these
treatments may include, but is not limited to: Yoga, Mindfulness, Experiential
Therapy, Nutrition & Education on Healthy Exercise, etc.

Educational/Vocational & Life Skills

Aim 4 Recovery provides academic coaching and vocational support to help
our Clients achieve each of their employment and educational goals. This
may include working with Clients to help get them signed up for classes,
prepare for interviews, write resumes, manage work related stress, develop
healthy time-management practices and evaluate their career plans and/or
educational plans. Our goal is to address areas of clients lives that may be
causing stress and stagnation and work with them to improve these areas.

Case Management & Legal Support

Aim 4 Recovery may work as a liaison between our Clients and the court
system (if needed), providing progress reports to the courts and advocating
for our Client’s needs outside of the treatment program. We address legal
matters and provide solutions to achieve stability which allows clients to
focus solely on their recovery while in treatment. A major part of the recovery
process, is cleaning up the wreckage of our past. Addressing these legal
issues can provide a huge sense of relief for Our Clients, allowing them to
participate more thoroughly in their treatment and therapy process with ease.

Peer Support

We understand the importance of making friends in recovery, finding new
hobbies, and how to get on a schedule or routine. Clients will meet and get
coaching from a certified peer recovery specialist on how to find outside
support networks, fellowshipping events, and creating a cravings prevention
plan, as well as, relapse prevention strategies.

Continuing Intensive Outpatient Recovery & Aftercare Planning:

At Aim 4 Recovery, aftercare planning begins on day one of treatment, and
is a joint effort between the Client and the treatment-team. Once our Clients
complete the program, they will receive an advancement ceremony and will
now be considered Aim 4 Recovery ALUMNI.

All of our Alumni are encouraged to attend the Alumni group 1X per week, as
well as the free aftercare program weekly. The Continuing
Recovery/Aftercare Plan will encompass a comprehensive set of
recommendations for sober lifestyle strategies and support systems that will
help our Clients to maintain long-term success with sobriety and all other
aspects of their lives!

We want all of our Clients and their family members to know that once they
become part of our little family, they never have to feel alone ever again! We
are here to help and we will always strive to go above and beyond!