+818-369-7089 2948 1/2 Honolulu Ave., La Crescenta-Montrose, Ca. 91214
+818-369-7089 2948 1/2 Honolulu Ave., La Crescenta-Montrose, Ca. 91214

Philosophy & Mission Statement

Mission Statement

In the Beautiful City of La Crescenta California, Our Mission here at AIM 4 RECOVERY is to develop a unique program that provides a safe and nurturing environment, which serves our community and the surrounding communities. AIM 4 Recovery (AIM) was developed with the main idea that: We never want another person to ever feel alone again. We want each our Clients and their loved ones to know that when they reach out for help, AIM will be there to reach back! Our goal is to ensure that each Client is valued and treated individually with the best possible practices and program can provide.

AIM will provide our Clients and their loved ones with valuable, transparent and effective treatment solutions. Founders Howard Hakes and Angelique Duke-Shirvanian are passionate about helping others and will consistently strive to provide the highest quality of treatment, while staying grounded in the simplicity of a 12-Step evidenced based, recovery program. AIM will work with each individual on healing their body, mind, emotions and spirit, as they develop new life skills that result in long-term recovery. Our IOP/PHP treatment program is designed for people suffering from Substance Use Disorder (SUD), and all of the problems that often go hand in hand with SUD, such as, but not limited to: Anger issues, co-occurring disorders, family problems, legal issues, problems with employment and/or academics, poor self-esteem, etc., Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach is for men and women and adolescents. Our dual-diagnosis model combines clinical treatment, behavioral health therapy, addiction recovery, aftercare, relapse, cravings prevention plans, educational & vocational opportunities, resume building and life skills in a structured and nurturing environment that fosters self-discovery and autonomy.

Aim 4 Recovery offers resources to help participants accomplish difficult life transitions, establish healthy lifestyle patterns, and enhance their sense of overall well-being. And finally our treatment program will focus on continuation of care/follow-up, ensuring each of our Clients and their loved ones feel completely supported while AIMING for a new way of life!


  • Empower the participants to make the right choices about alcohol and drugs.
  • Educate and provide the necessary tools so each participants can make the right decisions, using low-risk choices.
  • Encourage the participants in civility and to be part of the communities in which they live.
  • Provide quality services in a safe environment.
  • Provide the proper guidance, so that all participants can reach their goals.
  • To ensure a long-term recovery plan
  • To provide services to the Client’s family, inspiring positive change, healthy communication and support.
  • To provide long-term aftercare and ongoing support.
  • To go above and beyond.